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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Minus?

All Gravel contains particles of the stone smaller than the size indicated all the way down to dust, these particles are referred to as "fines." There are different gradations of these products which determine the percentage of fines. The following terms describe the amount of fines in a particular product.

  • Minus: A lot of fines, sometimes up to 50% to 80% of the product will be smaller than the size indicated.
  • Screened: Some of the fines have been screened/sifted out. Typically screened rock will have 30% to 50% fines.
  • Sized: Most of the smaller products have been removed, however can contain up to 20% to 30% fines.
  • Washed:The products have undergone a washing process to eliminate fines, however, the resulting wash may still contain a minor quantity of fines.
Gravel image
This photo above contains minus particles. Minus refers to the small particles of crushed stone that are produced during the crushing and screening process. These particles are typically smaller than the standard sizes of screened gravel and can make up a significant percentage of the product.

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